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    Implications of abortion
    • Implications of Abortion to Pregnant woman
    • In India, the statistics on the number of babies aborted are unclear - as the vast majorities go unreported.About 6-7 million unsafe abortions take place each year. About 13 % maternal deaths in India result from unsafe abortions (FPAI, 2013). Forced abortions are the ultimate exploitation of women. A woman in India dies every two hours because an abortion goes wrong. Abortion destroys the lives of precious children while often harming their mothers both physically and psychologically.Many women are forced into third, fourth, fifth, sixth and even eight-month abortion.The consequences of an unsafe abortion could range from haemorrhage to infertility to death.The main causes of death from unsafe abortion are hemorrhage, infection, sepsis, genital trauma, and necrotic bowel. Pregnant woman may borne life long infection and never be able to have other children.
      An abortion is the most stressful event in a woman's life and makes her undergo huge emotional trauma. Woman who aborts faces heart-wrenching feeling of guilt as the thought of being terrible mother, to kill her own baby, her own part, remains with her.Many women who are forced to abort become emotionally vulnerable so much so that they attempt suicide.
    • Implications to society
      The implications of forced abortions are now visible in the society as worsening gender ratio. The high abortion rate of female fetuses has led to a dramatic gender imbalance in India - over the 50-year period from 1961 to 2011, the number of girls born per 1,000 boys plunged from 976 to 914, according to the census. Cross- cultural and forced marriages with woman who are brought from other regions with poor background (a type of human trafficking) propelling due to spousal shortages in states with wide sex disparity. Another implication that have surfaced from such marriages is that the social inclusion of these girls brought from other states is very poor making these girls all the more vulnerable leading to rise to new form of social evils as reemergence of forced polyandry. Thus forced abortions have their own type of socio-cultural repercussions to the society and nation as whole.