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To save a fetus` right to life from abortion

  • We strongly believe that every child that has been implanted in the womb acquires the right to life, purity and nurturing environment.It is our aim to help every child in the womb to get these rights.
  • We strongly denounce the practice of female foeticide and forced abortion. As birth of a daughter brings fulfillment to a family, a society and a country, likewise for the fulfillment of nation and universe it is important that every mother is allowed to give birth to her daughter and not forced into sex selective abortion.
  • We strongly believe that every mother has the right to choose for the life of her child, and if she were provided timely care, counseling, security and protection, then she would have preference to deliver the baby than abortion. It is one of our efforts to help the mother to choose to give birth over abortion.
  • We strongly believe that a mother should not feel helpless or vulnerable while giving birth to a child, but instead should be proud to be able to form a life inside her womb.
  • We also believe that pregnant woman will have to take lead in bringing change to the societal stigmas by breaking thosesocietal ties and coming forward to give birth to their babies against all social pressures.