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    What do we do?
    Jeevani Aashray Dhaam is the place for pregnant women who choose life for their unborn child but out of several reasons including societal pressure, are at-risk of forced abortions. Against forced abortion these pregnant woman can stand up and choose to deliver safely at Jeevani Aashray Dhaam. In any of the below case we support pregnant women-
    • If any pregnant women is pressurized by family to abort her child after sonography owing to the preference for male child and the abortion is against her will
    • If woman is rape victim or any form of relationships where partner deceive on false promises and later ditch her after being pregnant; where it turns out that out of medical/ legal reasons she can’t choose for abortions
    • If the husband of pregnant woman has died and owing to societal stigmas associated with remarriages, family is pressurizing the woman to abort against her will
    • If pregnant woman has been deserted by her husband after being impregnated
    • Or any other similar situations where a woman is forced for abortion
    Under any of the above-mentioned circumstances, for the protection of her child in womb and her well-being, pregnant woman can seek short term refuge till required at Jeevani Aashray Dhaam. When pregnant woman shall approach us, we shall provide counseling and support to her and her family. She can seek shelter and Jeevani Aaashray Dhaam.We keep your anonymity as our priority and maintain complete confidentiality if needed.