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    Our Services ( *Counseling, *Shelter and *Rehabilitation )
    To ensure the well being of both pregnant woman and fetus we provide following services to pregnant women absolutely free.
    During pregnancy
    • Counseling with moral and ethical support
    • Nurturing environment
    • Medical services
    • Appropriate legal advise and support
    • Social help and security
    • Confidence and skills necessary for a successful future
    Post delivery
    • Emotional support and medical care of both mother and newborn
    • Protection and security of both mother and newborn
    • Protection of rights of both mother and newborn
    • Maintaining social prestige and dignity of both mother and newborn including rehabilitation support

    More than a shelter…
    Any pregnant woman in need should reach to Jeevani Ashray Dhaam. If she is hopeless and feels that abortion is the only option, then Jeevani Ashray Dhaam will provide her with safe alternative. We provide a nurturing, loving home to these at-risk pregnant women, and encourage them to build the confidence and skills necessary for a successful future. We provide counseling, medical services, legal advice, job and education opportunities and adoption services. We offer counseling and guidance to these pregnant women at risk, enabling them to make an alternate choice of giving birth to their babies instead of abortion. They can safely deliver their children at Maheshaashram and then they can decide either to parent or surrender their baby post delivery. Our first intention is to encourage women not to surrender their infants. As we believe that a nature forms unique bond between mothers and babies. But if need arise, then being a specialized adoption agency we facilitate to find a caring family for the newborn.